About the stream


X4NDR4 presents LIVE Experimental Improvisations from their forthcoming EP  WASTELAND COMPASS

WASTELAND COMPASS is the second EP produced by X4NDR4 and their first solo release.



  • 30 minutes (approximately)
  • LIVE from London



Find a comfortable place in your surroundings:

- Your bed / couch
- Garden in the sun
- Laying on the ground
- Cuddling a lover or pet
- Make a cubby house
- Get some incense burning
- Turn on the soft lamps

THIS LIVE STREAM by X4NDR4 is for SONIC TRANSMISSIONS from my corner to yours

An invitation to close your eyes, and watch the frequencies and textures and the colours of sounds to move about your inner world.

The interface of digital technology is for the transmission of live Sound Art, Electronic Music & Poetry Performance.

It is an invitation for making your body and space comfortable, for then listening to perhaps emotive, colourful and maybe even "uncomfortable" sonics.

The performance will present spatialized sonics, so I suggest using headphones for listening.

There are visuals within the sounds, so close your eyes and let them present themselves behind your closed lids.

This is an invitation to “experience” the sonic transmissions within this live performance rather than “watch” the performance through a computer interface of a live stream.



X4NDR4's track WASTELAND informed the creative development of their experimental sonic-cinematic work Compass in Hand which is currently in post production.

WASTELAND COMPASS is the accumulation of both the faster paced track WASTELAND & the slow cinematic score COMPASS IN HAND. 

This EP documents the sound development associated with the cinematic work Compass in Hand - a cinematic-sonic experience which departed from the perspective that “I was born in a wasteland of other peoples’ dreams” - aka the paradigm of the neo-liberal cis-het white supremacy patriarchy.

Through processes of re-mythologisation, performance, ritual and the blurring of the medical and other realms within the pluriversal existences, Compass in Hand is the acknowledgment and reclaiming of agency and epistemology of the survivor, the neurodivergent, & the trans beings within the spiral of time.


X4NDR4 (pronounced Zan-Dra) is the experimental sonic art project by artist Josie Alexandra.

With a love for the way poetry and language can be layered and transformed with the assistance of a DAW, X4NDR4's current focus is making electronic tracks that slip between cinematic soundtracks, deconstructed club and upbeat ambiance. With a fascination for feelings of frequencies intra-acting, sonic textures and tempo shifts these attributes of sound design become the creative building blocks when crafting X4NDR4's tracks. 

X4NDR4 debut into the work of sound and music in 2020 with a co-produced EP TRANSIT AEAEA. They have since released two singles atem-Hz and AS THEY ARE from their forthcoming album Considered Dialogues. 

In the second half of 2023 will see the release of the EP, WASTELAND COMPASS - which will coincide with Josie's experiment sonic-cinematic short film, Compass in Hand. 

Josie Alexandra is an experimental multi-disciplinary artist, fascinated by the potential of intra-personal relationships as sites for reclamation and transformation in world-making processes. Their work aims to create plausible futurisms for trans and neurodiverse communities and beyond, particularly in the current global crisis.



Is it really live?


Can I watch this with Chromecast or Airplay on my smart tv?

Yes, VIERLIVE supports Chromecast and Airplay. Chromecast only works on Android.

Will the stream be available for replay?

Yes, Buying a ticket will enable access to the performance for two week following the livestream date, - making it available for multiple experiences / time zone differences.