Terms and conditions

1. Payment:

The merchant may claim payment for the item from the time it is shipped from the merchant to the buyer.

If the buyer use credit or debit card for the payment, the seller can reserve the amount of purchase when ordering. The card will be charged the same day the item is shipped.

When paying by invoice, the invoice to the buyer is issued upon shipment of the item. The payment deadline is stated on the invoice and is at least 14 days from receipt.

Buyers under 18 cannot pay by subsequent invoice.

Accepted payment methods are Stripe (card payment) and Vipps

2. Right to cancel:

According to Norwegian law, there is no right to cancel purchased tickets.

3. Damage to the goods - buyer's rights and the time limit for complaints:

If there is a defect in the item, the buyer must within a reasonable time after it was discovered or should have been discovered, notify the seller that he or she will invoke the defect. The buyer has always complained in time if it happens within 2 months. Of when the defect was discovered or should have been discovered. Complaints can be made within two years of the buyer taking over the item. If the item or part of it is intended to last for significantly longer than two years, the time limit for the complaint is five years.

If the item has a defect and this is not due to the buyer or circumstances on the part of the buyer, the buyer may, according to the rules of the Consumer Purchase Act, Chapter 6 withhold the purchase price, choose between correction and delivery, demand a price reduction, demand the agreement canceled and/or demand compensation from seller.

Complaints to the seller should be made in writing by email to hei@vierlive.no

Correction or delivery:

The buyer can choose between having the defect corrected or delivery of similar items. However, the seller may object to the buyer's claim if the execution of the claim is impossible or the seller incurs unreasonable costs. Correction or delivery must be made within a reasonable time. The seller not entitled to make more than two remedial attempts for the same defect.

Price reduction

The buyer may claim an appropriate price reduction if the item is not corrected or shipped. This means that the ratio between the discounted and the agreed price corresponds to the ratio between the value of the thing in defective and contractual condition. If there are specific reasons for this, the price reduction can instead be set equal to the lack of significance for the buyer.


If the item is not corrected or delivered, the buyer can also cancel the purchase when the defect is not insignificant.

4. Conflict Resolution:

Complaints should be addressed to the seller within reasonable time, cf. point 3. The parties shall endeavor to resolve any disputes on amicable terms. If this fails, the buyer can contact Forbrukerrådet (the Consumer Council) for mediation.

Forbrukerrådet is available on telephone +45 23 400 500 or  forbrukerradet.no

The European Commission's complaint portal can also be used if you wish to file a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in a different EU country. The complaint can be filed here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

5. Canceled/relocated event:

In the case of a canceled/relocated event, Vi er live! only refunds according to the organizer's conditions. Service charges and consequential damages are not refundable.

Here's how to contact us to refund your tickets for canceled / relocated events:

The amount is returned to the card used for the purchase.
If you have paid by gift card, Vipps, or PayPal, we need your account number for chargeback.

NB! Tickets are not automatically refunded.
After the refund period has expired, we cannot refund tickets.

If we have not responded to your inquiry and confirmed a refund within the refund period, it is important that you contact us by email BEFORE the refund deadline has expired, to ensure the reimbursement of your tickets. Vi er live!`s obligations and the organizer's obligations in the Terms of Purchase, including the organizer's responsibility for the execution of the event, including the ticket buyer's right to a refund, will cease if the event is affected by a Force Majeure situation before or during the event (by Force Majeure is meant causes that are outside Vi er live! and/or the organizer's reasonable control, for example, and not exhaustively: war, riots, terrorism, major outbreaks, fire, floods, strikes, weather, national security orders or instructions from national or local authorities).