…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead live from Berlin

About the stream

Join us when we unite the rock world in cyberspace, live from Berlin October 10!

Playing Berlin feels mystical. Especially these days with Europe at war again. Berlin, being bombed to ruins during WW2, later split into east-west and then 1989 when the people of Berlin knocked down the Berlin Wall. Now, 33 years later, it feels special being able to go live from this mythical, dark city, uniting our rock fans in cyberspace for a one off night together.

Whether you're from East, West, South, North or Centre, you're welcome to join us for this special event together.

We've teamed up with the best in the livestream business to give you a live production worthy of cinemas – with hi-fi sound and Blu-ray picture quality. Hope to see you October 10!


Jason, Conrad and ther rest of the band


Can I watch this with Chromecast or Airplay on my smart tv?

Yes, vier.live supports Chromecast and Airplay.

Will the stream be available for replay?

Yes, if you buy access to the livestream (regular, VIP, merch-bundle) you will be able to watch it again as many times you want afterwords. For exactly how long we're not sure, if it's weeks, months or years. But it will be available for you to rewatch for a long time :)

Will you ship worldwide?

Yes, the merch ships worldwide.