The Magnificent Mohan Evans Livestream Fundraiserrrr!!

About the stream

Gofundme link:


Hi, I'm Mo, and I make music. Making music is expensive, very expensive.

As an independent artist, I need money to cover the costs of making and marketing my music, but I've hit a wall with funding.

I've applied to every grant I can find and approached every label and publisher I can. But the industry won't support me unless I go viral on TikTok. And I can't go viral without good marketing and more good music!

I can't release any more music without your help.

Thanks to Vier, I’m able to do this fundraising livestream. This means any tickets you buy will go towards funding my next single.

The livestream will be a bit of music, then a Q&A with questions from you guys (I promise to answer anything so don’t hold back!) then back to some music.

There will also be an online after party where I’ll chat with you live and play some games together!


The way I’m breaking down…woops freudian slip…sorry, the way that I’m breaking it down is:

VIP Tickets £28

This is a mega donation that will go a long way to funding my next single. It also lets you:

  • Submit questions in advance to a Q&A in the middle of the show
  • Entrance to the After Party Room
  • Raffle entry to win a signed unofficial vinyl

Fundraising Ticket £18

This is for those of you who are happy to contribute to the single and want to take part in the Q&A but don’t want to join the after party

Attendance-only Ticket - £10

This is just to attend the livestream and will help cover the costs of the experience.


Here’s how to buy a VIP or Fundraising ticket:

  1. Buy a standard Vier ticket for £10
  2. Donate £18 (for VIP) or £8 (for Fundraising only) on the gofundme below - we’re keeping track of the amounts from donors so we’ll know who’d bought what!
  3. You’ll be added to a special list and receive an email on how to join the Q&A and After Party

Gofundme link:


Lastly, to put thing in perspective this is the budget for my next single:

The cost of making my next single is:

  • Session musicians - £1000
  • Producer/Recording - £500
  • Mixing Engineer - £400
  • Mastering - £50

The cost of promoting it is:

  • PR Campaign - £750
  • Radio Plugging - £1200
  • Ads - £1500
  • Release Party - £500
  • Street Marketing - £500


Total cost: £6400

My goal is to raise £5000 and self-fund the rest by doing odd jobs (I've been a scaffolder, painter decorator, instrument teacher, factory worker to make ends meet).


The music: This is the song I'm working on