Spurv - Live from Oslo (studio session #1)

About the stream

After a three-year hiatus, the fall of 2023 saw the return of the Norwegian post-rock/metal band Spurv to the live stage. After a EU tour including a handful of shows as support for THIS WILL DESTROY YOU and THE OCEAN, and appearances at the ArcTanGent, Høstsabbat and Gloomaar festivals, Spurv now invites everyone who hasn't had the opportunity to see the band live yet to join in on an informal live stream show, directly from the band's rehearsal space in Oslo, Norway. No big stage, no fancy lights, but raw sound and direct interaction with the band. 


About the artist

Spurv is a six-piece instrumental post-rock/metal band from Oslo, Norway. They released their third full-length album “Brefjære” on Pelagic Records in September 2023. The album has been met with awestruck enjoyment by fans and reviewersalike, both in Norway and abroad.

“Brefjære” is a secular oratorio, giving voice to a mythic conversation between a birch, a mountain, a butterfly and the wind. Together, the four characters tell the story of time and history, of nature and humankind, and of devastation and hope. While the album is the first by Spurv to include vocals (in the form of a mixed choir and two soloists), the album still includes epic, melodic, and emotional instrumental pieces, clearly bearing Spurv’s unmistakable signature.

The history of Spurv runs back to 2011, when the band earned an early reputation for an intense and massive live presence after shows all over Norway. Their first release “Blader som faller til jorden og blir til nye trær” (2012), as well as their debut album “Skarntyde” (2015), reached the hearts of fans across the globe, and brought the band to their first festival appearances on the European continent. Their second album “Myra” (2018) was greeted with enthusiastic reviews in national as well as international press. After touring Norway in 2018, Spurv have been gaining new ground with a show at the prestigious Øya Festival of their hometown in August 2019, as well as their first EU tours in 2019 and early 2020. In 2023, following the release of “Brefjære”, they have supported The Ocean and This Will Destroy You for stretches of their European tour, in addition to doing a EU tour of their own. Spurv will be seen at several European and Norwegian festivals in 2024.



Praise for “Brefjære”

By every metric, this record seems to be Spurv’s most intentional, polished, and impressive yet.”

- Everything Is Noise


“Spurv has achieved greatness”

A Closer Listen 


“This is an inventing, captivating release”

- Veil of Sound


“Brefjære is a sophisticated work of post-rock art that offers a compelling and accomplished worldscape for listeners to delve deeply into. Highly recommended.”

  • Wonderboxmetal



Is it really live?


Can I watch this with Chromecast or Airplay on my smart tv?

Yes, vier.live supports Chromecast and Airplay. Chromecast only works on Android.

Will the stream be available for replay?

Yes, if you buy access to the livestream you will be able to watch it again as many times you want afterwards.