Sondre Lerche - “And In My Dreams: Patience Extravaganza”

Were live Wed, Dec 23, 2020 1:00 AM, watch video

About the stream

2020 is coming to a close, and so is Sondre Lerche's remarkable year of “Patience”. Alongside VIERLIVE, Standing Ovation and director Eivind Holmboe, Sondre wants to close off the year with a very special performance event, broadcasted live from Norway’s Drammen Teater -- and Sondre's dreams.

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The artist's dream

The performance will flow like a series of dreams, mirroring the year that’s ending, while also showing us a vision of the year that might have been. “And In My Dreams: Patience Extravaganza” will thrive at the intersection where fantasy, music, and surrealism collide. Reunited with he band, and in collaboration with friends and guests that will influence the performance in an array of twists and turns, “And In My Dreams: Patience Extravaganza” invites the viewer to enjoy an hour relieved of the pandemic's restrictions, during which, Sondre's own memories and dreams lead the way. We get to experience his songs in a brand new light, as every number will reveal a different setting inside of the theatre, each of them offering a brand new visual and creative twist.


With "Patience" critics agree that Sondre Lerche has released his best work to date. It was described as “a musical masterpiece” by Atwood Magazine, who gave it a 10 out of 10 review, while Popmatters said: “Patience joins its predecessors, Please and Pleasure, to form a loose trilogy that stands as the finest work of Sondre Lerche's career.” Norwegian newspaper, Klassekampen compared "Patience" to a "warm embrace in a time where we're all looking for intimacy", while NRK noted: "With Patience, Sondre Lerche dives deeper into the curious, existential search which has resulted in one of Norway's most sought after pop catalogs". Recently, "Patience Deluxe" was released with six brand new tracks as well as a live version of highlight "Why Would I Let You Go" that was recorded socially distanced with The Norwegian Radio Orchestra. 


In exile in his native Norway since March, Sondre Lerche has managed to take a challenging and complicated year and paint it with optimism and joy, whether he’s been streaming shows from his living room, playing solo for 20 people at a time in a mausoleum, or his Patience Live concert from Bergen's Haakonshallen. This summer he embarked on a 40-date Solo Patience-tour that was covered by Rolling Stone Magazine. and resulted in a concert film, "Solo Patience - Live in Lofoten".

Sondre Lerche (b. 1982)

Made his debut with "Faces Down" in 2001, which was named one of the Best Albums Of The Year by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2002, and won a Norwegian Grammy for Best New Artist. He has since released 9 albums, while travelling the world with his music. In 2005 he moved to Brooklyn, and in recent years he’s lived in Los Angeles. In 2007 he scored the major motion picture “Dan In Real Life”, and has since composed music for several films. In addition to this year’s acclaimed “Patience” album, he recently published two books; a collection of essays on music, and a children’s book.


How long will the concert be availeble after the livestream?

The concert will be availible untill 1st of January, 2021.