Konsert med Ann-Helen Moen og Christian Ihle Hadland

About the stream

KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes in Bergen invite the whole world to a magical Christmas night in Edvard Grieg’s home at Troldhaugen. Three free digital concerts from Edvard Griegs home for you to enjoy – no matter where you are.

In this lied concerto, Ann-Helen Moen and Christian Ihle Hadland present two of Grieg’s lied opuses, a piano sonata by Beethoven, and Christmas songs by Holst, Reager and Adam. 

Seven Children’s Songs, Op. 61, was written at Troldhaugen and was later premiered by Nina Grieg in Copenhagen in 1895. Some describe these songs as the best written songs for children in the 19th century. Next is Six Songs, Op. 48, which was finished in 1889. In this Opus Grieg chose to use German lyrics. 

To mark the anniversary of Beethoven, Christian Ihle Hadland performs his rendition of Beethoven 9th Piano Sonata op. 14 nr. 1.

Finally, a performance of the classic Christmas songs: In the Bleak Midwinter, Julens Vuggesang, Maria Wiegenlied and O Helga Natt. 


Ann-Helen Moen is a lyric soprano known for her clarity and beauty of tone as well as for the focus of her delivery whether in concert or on the opera stage. She has performed with some of the most distinguished ensembles and companies in the world, from the Bach Collegium Japan and the MDR Symphony Orchestra to the opera houses of Zurich and Hannover, as well as conductors like Edward Gardner and Masaaki Suzuki. 

Moen has performed countless times as a soloist with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and other performers in the rich cultural sphere of Bergen.


Christian Ihle Hadland, is widely recognised as one of Norway’s most exciting young pianists. Following his recital debut at the Norwegian Opera in 2008, he was hailed in the Norwegian press as an artist who ‘... shows himself as a unique musician whose artistry should be heard on the world’s concert stages’. He has performed with leading Nordic orchestras and regularly with BBC orchestras. In 2013, he performed with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra at The BBC Proms.



Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) - Barnlige Sange / Seven Children’s Songs, Op. 61 (dedicated to Nordahl Rolfsen)

Havet / The Ocean (N. Rolfsen)

Sang til juletreet / The Christmas Tree (J. Krohn)

Lokk / Farmyard Song (B. Bjørnson)

Fiskervise / Fisherman’s Song (P. Dass)

Kveldssang for Blakken / Good-night Song for Dobbin (N. Rolfsen)

De norske fjelde / The Norwegian Mountains (N. Rolfsen)

Fædrelandssalme / Fatherland Hymn (J. L. Runeberg with N. Rolfsen)

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) - Piano Sonate nr. 9 i  E-dur, Op. 14 nr.1/ Piano Sonata No. 9 in E major, Op. 14, No. 1

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) - Sechs Lieder / Seks Sanger / Six Songs, Op. 48 (dedicated to Ellen Nordgren (Gulbranson)

Gruss  / Hilsen / Greetings (H. Heine)

Dereinst, Gedanke mein / Jeg ved, min Tanke, ved / One Day, O Heart of Mine (E. Geibel)

Lauf der Welt  / Verdens Gang / The Way of the World (L.Uhland)

Die verschwiegene Nachtigall  / Nattergalen / The Nightingale’s Secret (W. von der Vogelweide)

Zur Rosenzeit  / I Rosentiden / The Time of Roses (J. W. von Goethe)

Ein Traum  / En Drøm / A Dream (F. M. Bodenstedt)

Julens vuggesang, EG 155 (A. Langsted)

Gustav Holst (1874-1934)
In The Bleak Midwinter (C. Rossetti)

Max Reger (1873-1916)
Maria Wiegenlied Op. 76 nr. 52 (M. Boelitz)

Adolphe Adam (1803-1856)
O helga Natt / Oh Holy Night (A. Kock)


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