About the stream

Join us as we tour around Europe, playing an exclusive stripped-back live set in a beautiful European setting. Performing in public spaces is a huge part of our history as a band as we honed our craft busking on the street around the UK. We are now throwing it back and doing the same in Europe! Except this time it will be livestreamed from 6 iconic locations across 6 different European cities, exclusively for Vier.

Tune in and watch as we perform in the beautiful German city of Hamburg! We will be walking and performing down the iconic Reeperbahn in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, which has long established itself as a centrepoint to the music scene across Germany and much of Europe. 



Is it really live?


Can I watch this with Chromecast or Airplay on my smart tv?

Yes, supports Chromecast and Airplay. Chromecast only works on Android.

Will the stream be available for replay?

Yes, if you buy access to the livestream you will be able to watch it again as many times you want afterwards.