Jaga Jazzist Leaving Earth / The world’s first science fiction livestream

About the stream

New to the VIERLIVE music livestream format? This is your chance to experience Jaga Jazzist live in concert, no matter where you are in the world. Witness a cinematic live performance, livestreamed from inside the heart of a throttling spaceship.
As every band is gearing up to get back on the road, boundary-crashing Norwegian big band Jaga Jazzist plan on leaving Earth. Get ready for a space voyage through sci-fi-electronic-acoustic-post-pre-prog-rock jazz, performed with an array of instruments and real musicians who know how to play them. This will be your very chance to experience one of the creative pinnacles of electronic music from the last decades.
Cinematically, VIERLIVE director Haakon Mathisen can promise visuals, narrative and concepts surpassing anything previously seen in a live format. Imagine being onstage with the band performing live music, except the stage is the inside of a spaceship about to jet off into another galaxy. Start your countdown because this is sci-fi in real-time.


How long is the performance?

The complete film is around 120 minutes long.

Was it all performed live?


Will it be available as a recording as well?

Yes, you can now buy the recording of the livestream.

Do you support Chromecast/Airplay?

Yes, you can use Chromecast and Airplay with vier.live

What is the setlist?


The Shrine

Big City Music

One-Armed Bandit


Spiral Era



Oslo Skyline

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We'll start shipping before Christmas, although be prepared to receive your merch in the start of January.