Das Body True Vulture Show

About the stream

On the 26th of January Das Body will be releasing their earth shaking second album, True Vulture. In other words, this stream is a chance to hear the new album two days before its release. Join Das Body as they perform their new songs for the very first time, in an atmospheric setting built specifically for this occasion.

Das Body saunters within an immutable space that isn’t quite hope and isn’t quite nothingness, where feeling alien is the comfortable norm even if the cause isn’t quite clear. The Norwegian quartet’s world filters through a handful of genre touchpoints, each unraveling in a different direction: woozy electronics, soulful R&B, toothy post-punk, pop swagger



Is it really live?


Can I watch this with Chromecast or Airplay on my smart tv?

Yes, vier.live supports Chromecast and Airplay. Chromecast only works on Android.

Will the stream be available for replay?

Yes, if you buy access to the livestream you will be able to watch it again as many times you want afterwards.