Compass in Hand - VIERLIVE Premier

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Tune in for the VierLive Premier of Compass in Hand


SYNOPSIS: Compass In Hand is a 9 MIN experimental cinematic-sonic experience which departed from the perspective that “I was born in a wasteland of other peoples’ dreams” - aka the paradigm of the neo-liberal cis-het white supremacy patriarchy. Through processes of re-mythologisation, performance, ritual and the blurring of the medical and other realms within the pluriversal existence, Compass in Hand is the acknowledgment and reclaiming of agency and epistemology of the survivor, the neurodivergent, & the trans beings within the spiral of time.

The screening will includea a Q&A with director Josie Alexandra 

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1. Brief introduction to the cinematic-sonic work - 10min 

2. Viewing Compass in Hand - 10min 

3. Q&A through the live chat - 30min 



Oct 4th : 21:30  BST/WEST |  22:30 CEST | 13:30 PDT

Oct 5th : 07:30 AEDT 


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No worries, a ticket will grant access after the premier for replays till Oct 22nd. 


By buying a ticket to view Compass in Hand you will be contributing to the future success of this project.

100% of artist sales from this screening will help fund Compass in Hand enter into Film Festivals.

International Film Festivals cost between $20 - $120 to enter

success in sharing Compass in Hand with audiences will open up opportunities to continue working on the rest of this project.... 


......Compass in Hand is Josie Alexandra’s first directorial work and is the prototype first track of X4NDR4’s debut Cinematic-Album, the rest of which is currently in the creative research and development. 


You can read more about Compass in Hand here 


You can listen to Singles from the Album here including the full soundtrack to Compass in Hand 


Watch the trailer here