BLACKSHAPE @ The Masonic Temple

About the stream

Drawing from the rich history of the iconic Salt Lake Masonic Temple, BLACKSHAPE will fuse the complexity of their music with the mystery of the environment through a multi-camera experience. Explore the artistry of the space as BLACKSHAPE performs several songs from their self-titled debut album and hear new music from their forthcoming releases, set to roll out in chapters in the coming months. 

The band chose the venue with its maze-like hallways and non-symmetrical layout as the location of this stream as a visual parallel of their music. With its domed ceiling in the main hall functioning as a circuitous aural experience, the music will envelop the listener in a musical experience as unique as the space itself. Pay particular attention to the multi-layered backdrop that serves as a stage setting for historical masonic rites and rituals when the temple is in use by its traditional patrons. 

BLACKSHAPE is a post-metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States formed by four members. The band is primarily instrumental with occasional vocals used to highlight and augment critical moments within their performance. The recent success of their music video for the song entitled ITIIITIATIIHYLIHYL has provided unexpected international acceptance.