Bendik HK

About the stream

Get ready to have the club come right to your living room! Ace of electronica, Bendik HK (Hovik Kjeldsberg) brings Berghain and Prima Vera Sound Fest right home to you with his awesome techno/ambient sound. Bendik HKs first solo-release came out in 2018, and in 2019 his EP «Depot», where all tracks bear the name of an old car, was followed by a renowned live tour, delivering gigs at amongst others Øya and Red Bull Music Festival. And now-to your home!

Bendik HKs music career goes way back. The past six years he worked with Pantha du Prince as part of Bell Laboratory, and played at the likes of Berghain, Prima Vera Sound Fest, Pudel Club, Nuites Sonores and so on. For years he has toured playing the drums for some of Norway’s best musicians, amongst them Nils Bech, Gundelach and Marit Larsen.

About the concert

Hotels are housing no one. Rooms are clean, sprinkled with dust, and the hallways are just as long as ever. But on some floor somewhere, four walls are still housing something. What happens to us inside these four walls? What happens to the objects around us? And what happens if someone knocks the door? With “Please Disturb”, Bendik HK and director Erik Theimann takes us through the waiting.

About the director

Erik Treimann has his background from “Strykejernet Kunstskole” and working as an editor for music videos, documentaries and commercials. In recent years, he has started directing music videos and concerts. He is a Member of Mutual Intentions and has worked with artists such as Karpe Diem, Lars Vaular, Røyksopp and Kvelertak. He has won several awards both as a director and editor and is now nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Award, «Spellemannprisen».