amilost (livestream) from the clifftop

About the stream

Join us live from a cliff top performing a one-off, 40 minute intimate set backlit by the ocean. Songs from our brand new EP ‘Introspective Souvenirs’ will be performed alongside a first ever performance of unreleased music.

There will be some surprises too, which will be announced along the way!

amilost are three friends with a knack for writing songs that turn raw emotion into things of beauty… A Norwegian-British trio now based in London, their songs build from whispered confessions to shimmering climaxes.

On Wednesday 19th July, we will be performing a special live show from the South West coast of England.

About amilost

Their first EP, Introspective Souvenirs (which landed in 4 New Music Friday playlists, Fresh Finds (Global), Indie Highlights and Apple Music’s New Music Daily. Combined with BBC,NRK P3, RBB, Amazing, Future Hits and more support at radio) considers how our experiences shape us internally – how our world view shifts with each relationship, each personal revelation. Songs look at four themes – anxiety, love, escapism, aspiration – in loving detail. “Introspective Souvenirs is about searching within yourself for answers. For us, songs are a systemic approach to finding out why you’re feeling what you’re feeling.”

Though amilost’s songs come from a personal place, they seem to capture something more universal in the human psyche. Pain and loneliness may be the starting point but intense and often ecstatic music is the outcome. amilost have found each other, and they’re ready to sweep us up, in a sound world that makes total sense.