A platform for artists to 'cut out the noise'

International superstars and small artists alike. Connect with your fans through vier.live.

Working with the best.

The platform for selling livestreams and connecting with your fans. With us, you get personal follow up from marketing and sales to technical and creative advise.

Live Chat, After Parties And More

We love the internet and they love us. Connect through our live chat where every fan can be whoever they like. Also, the fans can create their own profile pages and connect directly to each other. You can even host after parties with up to 1000 fans joining via video chat in each of several chat rooms.

We've got you covered.

  • Data Analytics

    Meet online with our marketing team and make a plan together. You also get realtime traffic reports with sales numbers, conversion rate, traffic surces, demographics and more.

  • Customer Service

    Our end user support team is available before, during and after your show – making sure no fan is left behind.

  • Merch Bundles

    Bundle merchandise with the livestream ticket.

  • Live Chat

    Engage with your fans in the live chat as admin or moderator. Your fans create their own custom profile for others to connect with.

  • Email Integrations

    Send emails directly to your fans through vier.live, or export CSV lists for Mailchimp, Feature.fm or similar.

  • Production Advise

    We love sharing what we have learned from producing live streams with artists like Girl in Red, Aurora and Boy Pablo. Just ask us for advise.

What would you look like?

We live and breathe the live format and believe deeply in its power in connecting fans and artist in intimate experiences worth paying for. Join the artist revolution, become a part of our community. And make an income.